Storytellers’ Summit with Talent Concierge…

The Storytellers’ Summit : 10-12 May 2022

Fiona Valpy in conversation with Connie Pfeiff.                                                      
Thursday 12th May 2022 at 15.30 – 16.00pm (UK time) via Zoom. Free live event!

For the Storytellers Summit, US-based agency Talent Concierge will be bringing together 22+ storytellers in live and pre-recorded interviews sharing views about why storytelling is such an essential ingredient in all aspects of our lives, and can be an especially useful tool for entrepreneurs to incorporate in business strategy. Special guests will include popular songwriters, authors, playwrights, and motivational speakers.
My pre-recorded interview with Talent Concierge CEO Connie Pfeiff is scheduled for Thursday 12th May at 15,30 BST (UK time) / 10.30am EST (for those in the USA). If this event might be of interest, please join me in the VIP Zoom Room by registering at



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