The Storyteller of Casablanca - Fiona Valpy

The Storyteller of Casablanca – out now!

It’s publication day, and I’m very pleased to share with you some of the early reviews for my latest book…

“I LOVED this book for so many reasons – the beautiful prose, the wonderful stories within the story, the incredible way the author describes Casablanca both in the here and now and during the Second World War. And, yes, I have to admit that I did shed a tear as the two women’s stories drew to a close. What I loved the most, though, apart from the author’s ability to move me so unexpectedly, was the feeling of hope I was gifted at the end of the book – and the overriding, powerful belief that we can heal. No matter what.”
Nancy Revell, Sunday Times bestselling author

“I can’t recall the last time I read anything that so completely transported me to a time and place. The descriptions of Casablanca – the streets, the food, the people, are absolutely stunning and brought the city so much to life that I felt as if I was there. Fiona Valpy has an exquisite talent for creating characters so rounded and delightful that they almost feel like family, and this makes what happens to them feel very personal.”
Louise Douglas, bestselling author of The House by the Sea

“A novel that will whisk you to another time and place, The Storyteller of Casablanca is a tender tale of hope, resilience and new beginnings.”
Imogen Clark, bestselling author of Postcards From a Stranger

“One Book. Two Stories. Both Compelling… Truly a remarkable book, and very much recommended.” 5 stars.
Jeff Sexton,

“I have always enjoyed Fiona Valpy’s books but this is her best one so far…The 2 main characters are a joy to learn about and leave you cheering them on. This is one of the best books I have read in a long time.” 5 stars.
Jane M., Netgalley Reviewer

I hope you will enjoy THE STORYTELLER OF CASABLANCA as much as they did.
Best wishes,

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